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August 27, 2008
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*** PLEASE, READ THE ARTIST’S COMMENTS ON THE BOTTOM BEFORE READING THIS FANFIC!!! Corrections of my spelling/grammar mistakes are welcome ^^ ***


Little Cyclonus Soldiery receives a special present from Commander Adams...

Part 2
July 6th, 1994

The day was even more schorching than the previous one. A very hot July 6th!, he thought, ironically and tragically at the same time. He was lucky not to be a human, since he would have fainted already from so much sweating. Nevertheless his cooling system was being tried a lot, and he really felt unstable every now and then.

He walked down the pavement on slow steps, until the Dante Alighieri square, and from there he reached the small supermarket called VIS 2. He bought a few accessories for the house, a couple of soaps and a plastic folding chair.

Laden with these few but cumbersome purchases, he thought the wisest choice was to transform into MacroForm vehicle mode, or he wouldn't have been able to take everything home on the way back.

He put everything on his 'back' and headed to the second leg of his shopping day: the Centimetro store. There, he managed to find everything he needed: cheap painting replicas to hang on the wall, blankets and sheets, pillows, plastic and wood cupboards. He loaded all the new burden on his trailer-less 'back' again (alas! he'd left the trailer in Robocity) in vehicle mode and went back to the centre of the town.

Another must-buy item figured on his shopping list: a present for the girl who'd caught his heart. Electra. She owned two little red fish as pets, so he had thought to buy her some fish food. Knowing how affectionate she was to those little animals, he was sure she would have appreciated the gift.

With all his burden, he ran to the best animal shop in town: "Piccoli Grandi Amici", which means "Little Great Friends" in Italian. Once returned in MicroForm robot mode, he gently asked an old man, who was sitting on a bench near to the shop entrance, to watch over his shopping bags, and then he entered the busy place.

Looking around to see if he could spot the shelf with the animal food, arduous venture seen the heap of people in that little space, he noticed something that struck him deeply, something that reminded him of the little robot he sided with the previous morning at breakfast.

In a cage, just next to the entrance, there were small bunnies with a fur color scheme varying from gray, white and black. He was enchanted by them, especially since they looked such affable little creatures, with children in particular. His thoughts focused on how happy Cyclonus would have been if he had one...

He approached the cage and knelt down to take a better look to them, and he noticed they weren't so expensive: the label hanged on the cage said they were discounted, for three-thousand Lire each.

Commander decided to buy one for Cyclonus. He knew that it would probably be a kinda rash move, especially after what had happened the day before, but he really couldn't help but thinking of how happy that little robot would have been, seeing his dream come true. After all the ones he had to give in when he was still a I.A.R. apprentice...

At last, he found himself coming out of the shop holding not only the box of fish food, but even a little gray bunny, in a plastic box with holes. No matter the consequences, he was well happy with his decision. Even if Destroyer was going to have something to say...

He just pictured the little Military robot's face enlightening with joy, and all his remaining doubts dissolved as in a cloud of smoke.

* * *

"Are you sure it was a good idea?" Electra had been looking at him with optics full of disappointment and, almost tired of staying stood while holding that conversation, she crossed her arms and rested them on the edge of the table of her little living-room.

Commander didn't answer immediately, but he stopped a little to observe the acrobatic movements the red fish were doing in the aquarium. They looked like fighting, pushing on each other to get the food that was floating on the surface of the water. All the movement in that little container seemed to even shake the chest of drawers on which it was placed.

"If you had so ardently wished to have these little fish, and your brother said no and beat you," he said, "don't you think you would feel happy if someone bought them for you as a suprise?"

Electra snorted, moving from the border of the table to the chair next to her. Her movements were brusque, and she seemed almost looking for a pose that would make her more serene and relaxed. She rested her elbows on the table, giving her back to Commander, and snorted a second time.

"Of course I'd feel happy!" she said, even more sourly, "But I wasn't speaking about the child. I meant his brother."

Commander turned to look at her. "What do you mean?"

Electra shifted position once again, this time giving her interlocutor her side profile, so that she could turn her head and look directly into his optics. "If Destroyer didn't agree before, he won't even agree now! What gives you the reassurance that he won't kick you out of his apartment, or beat Cyclonus again, or that he won't fry the rabbit in a pan not to have it around?"

Listening to those words, Commander sighed and slightly shook his head. "It's important to try, Electra... I'd love to see that child happy, for once in his life..."

He stopped, because his mind had started thinking of what kind of life little Cyclonus had lived at I.A.R... And that Destroyer knew in a more definite way... But Electra distracted him from his thoughts.

"I don't understand why you do care so much about those Military robots..." she said, disdained, "After all, the first time they came here was to kill all of us! How can you trust them?"

Commander was starting to have enough of that behaviour now. He made a big effort to stay calm, but he was still determined to let her know who he was siding with.

"These words sound so strange coming from your mouth, Electra. They are words of discrimination and arrogance. Just give me a reason of your being so prejudiced!"

Electra snorted once more. "They are criminals!" she said, trying to remain calm as well, but not succeeding in hiding her scorn, "You may think whatever you want, but I don't trust them! And I don't think I'll ever!"

Commander didn't think twice. He picked the box containing the bunny up and walked to the door. The disappointment he was feeling was too bitter to let him stay in that room a second more. "See you soon, Electra," he said, with a shade of resentment in his voice.

"Bye," she replied, not even turning to look at him.

He left, and when the door closed behind him, he could finally let his tears out, tears that were going to knock his optics down.


* * *

He was laying on his bed, reading a book. More, a book of adventures for kids, absolutely not interesting... boring. Pfuì! What a life! He liked almost nearly the I.A.R. life more.

He threw his book away in an furious gesture, without looking at where the object would end up falling. It didn't hit Cyclonus' head for a very close narrow shave, but it crashed against his toy box.

The little robot was sitting on the floor, on a little creased carpet, playing with a few Playschool construction pieces. He didn't own other toys but those, and he could surely call himself lucky, since he owned them only thanks to the generousity of a few Robocitans.

Cyclonus jolted when the book hit his toy box, upsetting a good amount of his toy pieces and overturning the whole container. Instinctively, he turned to look at Destroyer, to whom he was giving his back.

His brother's optics met his, then he turned to look at the ceiling, laying on his back and hands under his head.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Cyclonus ignored the irritated tone his brother had used with him, but he answered in a neutral tone: "I'm playing."

"It's just a silliness!" Destroyer said, puffing and shifting to his side. This time, he was the one to give his back to his brother. "Military robots don't need to play!"

Cyclonus observed the construction pieces he was holding in his hands, and hesitated a moment before replying. "But now we're no longer Military robots!"

"I agree with you on that point!" Destroyer replied, more bitterly than before, "By now, we're nothing but rusty scraps! Worth throwing away! A soldier who lives in all this looseness isn't worth being called a soldier anymore... It's a shame! Would have been better if they terminated us!"

Cyclonus just couldn't understand his brother's words. Sure, he had realized very well that Destroyer wasn't all that thrilled of being no longer a Military robot, but he couldn't understand his reasons. For what he thought about the whole matter, living in Robocity was much better, because it was a nice and quiet place where people weren't yelling all day, nobody told him to shut up if you felt like crying or complaining, nobody was repeating over and over "You're a soldier!", nobody sent robots out and they didn't come back anymore. In Robocity, nobody lived in a constant fear. In Robocity nobody died.

He had no doubts about it. He liked Robocity more than anything. And there were so many people who loved and cared for him.

He focused on his construction pieces again, thoughtful and a little upset, but after a few minutes her heard a firm knock on the main door, which was only a room's door and a few meters of the living room distant from him.

"Are you deaf or what?" Destroyer yelled, without moving from his comfy position, "Don't you hear the knocking? Go and see who's bugging!"

"Okay," Cyclonus said in a soft mumble, jumping on his feet and rushing to the small living room.

He need some time and effort to turn the handle, because he was small and didn't even reach half of the door, but he did it at last. And the figure that appeared in front of his optics immediately changed his expression from vexed to bright and smiling.

"Commander!" he squealed happily, hugging one of his legs. Commander greeted him and softly patted his head, and afterwards he found himself forced to come into the room, dragged by the arm by a little enthusiastic Cyclonus.

However, before the door was fully closed again, the imposing figure of Destroyer had appeared in front of them already.

"What do you want?" he asked his guest, using no good manners at all. His facial expression reminded of someone who's had the house robbed.

Commander cleared his throat before answering: "I've come to give Cyclonus a present."

Hearing his name being mentioned, the little robot approached him more and began jumping happily. "A present?! For me?! What's that? What's that?"

He was almost irrepressible, joy spirting from his whole body. Cyclonus enthusiastically took the box in his arms and ran to his playing corner to open it in private. As for Destroyer, he was visibly frowing now.

"What's this story?" he asked, irritated, to Commander, even though he was looking directly at him, but kept the look between him and Cyclonus.

Commander answered with the same calm he used to face Electra a few hours earlier. "There's no story, Destroyer. I simply wanted to buy a present for your brother."

"Yes, but... what kind of present?" the Military robot asked, grim, observing his little brother while he tried to open the pierced box, "That doesn't look like a normal decorated box!"

Commander didn't answer, but he crossed his arms on his chest instead, and observed Cyclonus as well, as if he was waiting for something.

The little robot had finally found the hooks to open the box, and he was now opening them one by one. When he was done, the frontal part of the box opened like a little door and Cyclonus bursted into a surprised but yet soft "WOW!". He introduced his hands into the box and immediately took them out, holding a soft and fluffy small bunny, whom the robot instinctively hugging close in his arms, while two small tears of joy sparkled on the edge of his optics.

"Oh, Commander..." he said, moved, adding no more words to that.

"A... a rabbit?!" Destroyer screamed out of fury, "You dared buying a rabbit for him? And without asking for my permission first?"

Commander was keeping himself calm and observing little Cyclonus with a warm smile enlightening his face, and absolutely not upset by Destroyer's reaction, which he just expected, to say the truth.

"I surely didn't need your permission," he said, without moving his optics from Cyclonus, "I wanted to see your brother happy, and I was well aware that you wouldn't have liked it."

Destroyer grumbled and stamped. "You Experimental robots are just so used to do whatever crosses your mind, don't you? Do you ever care about others' willing?!"

That robot had never mentioned "others' willing" before, and the expression he added to it made it sound just so paradoxal to Commander's audio sensors.

"You speak of others' willing, Destroyer? You're evidently forgetting that you've been the first not to respect it, denying Cyclonus a little harmless animal as a pet, not hard to manage at all and a so important aid for a child like him, who's been tried all his life!"

Destroyer was speechless. Once again, speechless. And once again, Commander had succeeded in managing his military side with his reasoning and his kind authority. It was obvious that the thing wasn't in his likings at all, but he was now realizing that he was the looser in that new world he was living in. All of this caused him a deep internal instability, and a big headache, but he knew he couldn't avoid it, because that was the reality. His new reality.

Cyclonus repeatedly kissed the face of the little bunny, whom had nothing in contrary with all those cuddles. Then the animal found itself resting into the box again, while his new owner ran to Commander and jumped in his arms, covering his cheek with kisses and wrapping his arms around his neck so tightly that the Experimental robot almost choke for a moment.

"I love ya, Commander!" Cyclonus squealed, his little body shaking for the incontenible joy.

"I'm happy to see that you like him," Commander said, hugging him warmly, "I hope you two will become good friends!"

Destroyer, who had remained still and silence beside them, walked away all in a sudden, on soft steps, and reached the little animal, who was now peeping in from the box and had found itself lost in the pile of construction pieces.

The Military robot knelt down and cautiously picked it up, caressing it lightly with two fingers.

Commander didn't notice him immediately, but when he did, his optics brightened in satisfaction. Then Cyclonus turned to look at his brother too.

"Destroy likes it too!" he whispered into Commander's audio sensor, giggling softly. Commander gave a firm nod and winked to the child in

"What name will you name him?" Destroyer asked Cyclonus, all serious, placing the bunny back into the box, "We can't leave him like this, nameless."

"Mmmh..." Cyclonus said, bringing his index finger to his bottom lip, getting thoughtful, "I... think that... I will call him Rega!"

Both Commander and Destroyer looked at the little robot in amazement. "Rega?!"

Cyclonus laughed and explained: "Yes! 'Rega' comes from 'regalo', the Italian word for 'present', right? Since it's a present from Commander, I thought it was nice to call him like that!"

Commander burst into a laugh. A very moved laugh though. "Thank you, Cyclonus. Let's call him 'Rega' then."

Destroyer didn't agree at all, but he didn't say a word. He limited himself to a slow shake of his head, watching the little animal that, again, was out of the box by his own willing and was happily smelling the construction blocks scattered on the floor.

* * *

That one had been a very particular day in his life. Somehow, he felt to have gotten on those two Military robots, and confirmed his ideas on the fact that robots of such kind weren't evil by nature, at all, but it depended on the environment they had been built and rised into. He was sure about it, and now he had had the confirmation he needed.

Confirmation that had been given by a very particular fact anyways, one that could nearly be defined... incredible. Destroyer said thank you! Yes, he'd said it quickly, just a moment before he left, but he said it. And it was the first time ever...

Commander stirred on a side and glanced at the alarm-clock on his bedside table. It was 11:45 PM. Time had really flown... He settled his pillow and threw himself on it with all his tiredness. Then he closed his optics.

Though, a last thought crossed his mind before he could really fall asleep. The thought that, somehow, the soul of those Military robots was... 'demilitarizing'. The friendly atmosphere of Robocity was 'healing' them, healing the wounds that hate and violence had caused to their souls.

Who knows... maybe, in some time, they would have become his best friends.
TITLE: The Bunny

Summary: Little Cyclonus Soldiery receives a special present from Commander Adams...


1- Cyclonus, in this story, is a modified character, he's a Robocitan, not a Transformer. I DON'T own the originals;

2- Robocity’s characters have the same names of the originals by Hasbro;

3- Commander is the Robocitan version of G1 Optimus Prime;

4- Destroyer is the Robocitan version of G2 Galvatron;

5- The difference between experimental robots and military robots is mine;

6- LadyJet, Speeder and Firebot are my own characters;

7- Robocity is my creation and is an alternative universe, where there are Transformers and their Robocitan counterparts;

8- In Robocity’s continuity, there’s peace on Cybertron;

9- This is a translation from Italian;

10- Lire were the old Italian coin before Euro introduction, on 2002; Lire 300,000 = about Euros 153


EXPERIMENTAL ROBOTS: are built to protect human being and help them in their jobs

MILITARY ROBOTS: are built to fight and are used for military purposes. I.A.R. robots are built for kill.

Hasbro holds copyrights on Transformers, BUT I hold copyrights on Robocity World!

NOTE: Robocity World is an Alternative Universe/Crossover with Transformers, but some characters are originally created by me. You can visit my Robocity World at
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who-stole-MY-name Aug 29, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so sweet! ^^ bunnies are so cute =) ... such a sweet image ^^

I have a buny, too =) her name is "Nana" she is gray, just as you descrived ^^ but she isn't gentle x____x she has been trough some rough times, some idiots treated her badly at vet school -___- I "rescued2 her but she still doesn't trust humans ^^; she bites and scratches me, but I still love her a lot ^^

XD "regalo" allso means gift in spanish ^^
LuanaTF Sep 7, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much sis! :glomp:

Awww I'm sure she'll get used to your gentle manners sooner or later ^^ I know you're patient so she will =)

Wow cool! XD
who-stole-MY-name Sep 10, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem thank YOU for sharing this with us :hug:

I do hope so I don't want her to live in fear ^^;
fhfgbf Aug 27, 2008  Student General Artist
^w^ aww it's so cute! great job! :heart:
LuanaTF Sep 7, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much, my friend! :glomp:
fhfgbf Sep 7, 2008  Student General Artist
welcome pal of mine^_^ :iconfurryglompplz:
LuanaTF Sep 7, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you ^.^
This is a wonderful rendition, and a much nicer oner for Cyclonus--and Destroyer, learning that there's more to life than fighting--and Cyclonus is so adorable. This is almost as if when the TFs die, they come to YOUR writings as Heaven.
LuanaTF Sep 7, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you from the heart, my friend =) You always manage to get the spirit of my stories, and I'm glad to receive your comments on them. I wanted Cyclonus to be happy in my little world, happiness that would slowly replace the sufference and sorrow of his days as a soldier apprentice.
Thanks for reading dear =)
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